Special Features

There are quite a few unique features that set CotoBall apart from all of the many simple volleyball games that you can easily find on the Internet. Here's a list:

  • a variety of locations that differ not only visually but also in the height of the net
  • each character has a different set of skills - some are great jumpers, others are amazing runners... and some are neither :)
  • an enthusiastic live commentary in English
  • both the new and the old volleyball rules are supported
  • great expandability - new characters and environments can be easily added (datadisk support)

If you own a slower computer or would not like to dowload the 15 MB to play the full version, you can try out CotoBall Lite (only 3.5 MB). You will however have to forfeit some of the features that make CotoBall so special. Unlike the full version of CotoBall, CotoBall light has:

  • fewer locations
  • fewer animations
  • fewer menu backgrounds
  • no commentary :(
  • no "Bounce" version of the whistle sound